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If you entered through the foyer, you should have been greeted by Sumei, our official Geisha guest greeter.

If you entered through the patio, you should have been greeted by Ruby, the famed owner of Ruby's Place. No doubt, she would have introduced you to her staff. Joe the bartender and Sam the piano player of Casablanca fame.

You are certainly welcome to "tarry" a bit in Ruby's Place. The coffee is always hot! The drinks are "on the house!" And, the "music is always great!" "Play it again Sam!" Hint, both Joe and Sam enjoy "Fine Cigars" and expect "BIG" tips.

Oh golly! I almost forgot to introduce you to, two of the most important members of our staff. Tami, our Shih Tzu. She mops the floors. And, Birdie Byrd, our Black-headed Caique, miniature parrot. Birdie-Byrd is Tami's nemesis.

You will be pleased to know, you have arrived in-time to enjoy "Happy-Hour." But wait! How thoughtless of me! You would probably like to freshen-up a bit after your long trek. I feel certain you will enjoy our newly re-modeled Lounge-Rooms.They were designed by Leigh Young. Hint: "Don't forget to tip the lounge attendants!"

Ah, I see you're back! Quite an experience, heh? Please forgive me, I forgot to mention the lighting isn't quite finished yet. Well anyway, now that you've freshened-up; Joe would be happy to fix you anything you desire. You might also ask Sam to play your favorite tune. And by all means, check out our Happy-Hour Goodies Menu. All the goodies are free to cyber travelers.

As soon as you get your refreshments, you can relax in the Jungle Room. That's where we serve our "Happy-Hour" goodies. They will be set-up and displayed at the Giraffe and Elephant buffet serving stations. If you would like to tour the entire jungle room, just Click here. A word of Caution; "please don't feed the animals!"

Please forgive me, I must hurry off to the kitchen to see if "Happy-Hour" will be on schedule and to be sure preparation for dinner service is progressing as scheduled. You know, you might even consider staying-over for dinner. Here's a copy of our dinner menu. Why not take a peek! Appetizers, Soups and Salads, Seafood, Poultry, Meat Entrees, Side Dishes, Pasta, Chinese Specialties, and Desserts. And, by all means, check-out our fine selection of home-baked brick-oven Breads.

For the diet and health conscious, you might like to view This Page

We serve dinner in the Formal Dining Room, the Breakfast Garden Room, and the Pool Patio Room.

Well, I really must be off to the kitchen. In the meantime, please feel free to tour the rest of our Home, You might even enjoy a tour of the Kitchen.

Say! Why don't you stay over night? That way you can freshen-up and re-dress for dinner. This is a picture of one of our typical Guest Rooms. All of our guest rooms open onto the pool/patio area. As a matter-of-fact, tomorrow we are having a guest speaker discuss two topics very close to my heart. Cooking, the Edible Hobby and Recipes For Special Occasions.

You may also take a peek at our all new Visitors Lounge. The visitors lounge is a place to relax and you can try out all of our various cooking math calculators, including; conversions and recipe serving size re-calculators. For you bakers, we even have a bakers Percentage Calculator. You can also view our alphabetical recipe index. Or, try out our NEW Pictorial Recipe Index.

We are always interested in new recipes. Why not send us one/some from here?

We will be gathering at the southwest corner of the patio, adjacent to our Wood-Burning Oven. Take care, the oven will be hot. The oven is completely operational. We have not, as yet, decided on an exterior facade or roofing material. Perhaps you might offer a Suggestion.

The wood-burning oven was a D.I.Y. project we undertook. Why not take a Peek at how we did it?

Oh! How great! You've decided to stay-over. I guess I shall see you at dinner. You can also join in our Tree Of Life And Light Celebration.

Wanna have some fun? You can visit ZEENA our fortune teller Here.

If you're really brave, you might like to See Who or What you were in your Last Past Life. Click Here.


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